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All our passports are returned by Recorded Delivery. Please note there are discounted fees for members Click here for full details

Non UK Applications

Applications from outside the UK will incur an additional £5 charge which must be paid on top of the fees. This is necessary because of the recent increase in postage charges. Please note that there is one charge per order not per passport, so if you are applying for more than one at the same time then there will only be one £5 charge.

Express Passports

These will be turned round within three working days. Please add £5 per passport to the above fees.

CategoryMemberNon Member
Late Passports (foals more than 6 months old)£25£30
Duplicate/Replacement Passports£25£30
Transfer of Ownership£10£10
Stallion Licence£20£20
Upgrade to Mature Register£10£10
Castration stamping on Passport£10£10

Registrar Details

All completed forms and payment should be sent to:

Mel Williamson
Stroud Brow Cottage
Stroud Common
Shamley Green
Surrey GU5 0TB

Tel: +44 (0)7787 644408

The registrar's opening hours are from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday