Postage outside the UK

The Royal Mail has significantly increased postage charges from January 1st and while we can absorb some of this we will have to raise our charge for postage outside the UK to 7 with immediate effect. Please note that there is one charge per order not per item.

Horses on loan

We have seen a disturbing increase in disputes where a horse has been loaned to a third party who then refuses to return it and/or the passport. In almost all these cases there is no documentation to support the loan and so proving ownership becomes difficult, especially if the owner has not transferred the horse into their name in the first place. To try to help avoid such disputes, we have uploaded a loan form (click here) which can be used.

Registrar Details

All passport applications and correspondence should be sent to:

Mel Williamson
Stroud Brow Cottage
Stroud Common
Shamley Green
Surrey GU5 0TB

Tel: +44 (0)7787 644408

The registrar's opening hours are from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.


The International Miniature Horse and Pony Society Ltd is approved by DEFRA as an Official Passport Issuing Organisation for the International Miniature Horse